Greetings, everyone! I suppose a bit of introduction is in order. I am Jonathan E. Brickman, of Topeka, Kansas, USA.

I am most happily married to Sweet Lori Brickman, since 1996; I am still not certain what socially redeeming qualities she thought she observed in me then, but it was a no-brainer for me, Lori is very sweet indeed.

And in the progression of many events, I find that the Father in Heaven, the Creator and Owner of All that Is, generated millions of tiny motivations and many larger ones, in order to bring me from my ancestral religious practices, into the freedom promised by the Lord Joshua of Nazareth, and delivered by the Comforter, the Holy Spirit of the promise.

Thus has been formed my primary motivation, the greatest of all: life itself, incarnate. There are many ways that men and women use that word “life”; but the Creator has taught me that life is always good, that nothing which is not good should be called using that word; that death is not and is never a part of life; and that anything called “life” which is not good, is accurately a form of death.

There are, certainly, many forms of human death. In the past it was common to be proud of one’s resistance to many of these forms. But pride itself, according to the Lord, is a form of death, and thus the churches convolute, torture themselves, and suffer many things. One of the things the churches suffer is irrelevance, because as the Internet — one of the Lord’s many creations, for His many purposes — grows our connectivity, people learn that they don’t need church-pride anymore.

So we have a golden opportunity to learn and do! We can visibly see what is irrelevant in and around traditional church-behavior, and seek the better!!! All power and glory and purpose and future, to the Lord it is and shall be forever!!!